Gundam Unit Showcase 1: Zaku I and RGM-79 GM

Welcome to a new feature of the blog! Every now and then I’m going to have a look at some of the units in my game and discuss their features. Let’s have a look!



The RGM-79 GM or “Jim” is the backbone of the Earth Federation. This mobile suit carries a large shield and has a decent chance of blocking enemy fire, especially using it’s special rule. The example above is pictured with a Beam Spray Gun, a powerful but short range weapon. Effective use of GMs in this context would require a creeping defensive wall, blasting the enemies at short range.


To further aid this purpose, the GM is equipped with an accurate and powerful Beam Saber to use in close combat. Head vulcans are a decent backup in the event an arm is lost.


For longer ranged combat, GMs can equip Machine Guns, such as the 90mm pictured above. Earth Federation MGs are comparable to their Zeon counterparts, but tend to cost more points.


GMs also can pack a punch with the expensive but powerful “Hyper Bazooka.” At 30 points however, one might consider investing in support vehicles.



The Zaku I is Zeon’s oldest Mobile Suit. It is the weakest of all Mobile Suits, but is inexpensive and disposable. When equipped with the 105mm gun above, Zaku I groups can overwhelm enemy formations at short range.


Zaku I units can make excellent support soldiers, such as when equipped with the moderately powerful Zaku Bazooka above! This gives you cheap Bazooka infantry. Be wary that their weak armour means ambushing the enemy is preferable.

In summary, GMs are dependable work horses with good but expensive deployment costs. To counter this, Zeon’s Zaku I is half the cost, but weak in stats.


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