Gundam Rules in action!

Heya all! Took these pictures of my latest Gundam game a few days ago and thought you might be interested? These photos were taken in the middle of a light skirmish.





Also, exciting news! I’ve begun work on a comprehensive Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam expansion pack! It should hopefully feature a new ruleset for space fighting (Spoilers! Movable terrain in space and other effects!) and a full unit document for Zeta and ZZ era Mobile Suits! Stay tuned for more!

The future of Gundam: Skirmish

Hey everyone! Thanks for the positive feedback and support! In response to suggestions on forums, etc., I am looking forward to making an update to the rules and maybe begin working on some supplementary rules, such as for Zeta Gundam! Please send me any suggestions you have for new Mobile Suits, rules and time periods you want to see represented in the game! Your feedback is important to me! For now, here are some suggestions I have gathered. Feel free to add more! Comment away!

– Change the use of a scatter dice to a D12 clock face. This is simple and easy to understand.

– Alter bazookas, etc. to deal 2 or more points integrity damage! This makes bazookas scarier but more worth the points cost!

– Alter boost mechanics: Make it so that way a unit can choose to move extra distance (boost distance! It will be greatly nerfed to compensate) during their movement phase. This is an AUTOMATIC success. Evasion and “Jump terrain” follow elements of chance, and can share the same check, which will be revised. To use these, you must not have moved extra distance (boost distance). Evasions should place units a uniform distance away (say, 2″).

– The weapon accuracy chart exists to help calculate modifiers from base accuracy values, not just consultation. For now, I think it is integral, so I’m keeping it the way it is. I should probably make modifiers simpler and easier to remember. Perhaps colour code?

– The “Range” bands will be fixed by subtracting 1 from the largest value. This gives a clearer cut off point.

– Keep target position rules. They work fine.

– Make priority roll a D20 to reduce likelihood of ties. Less frustrating.

– Phases are to be revised to allow one ‘movement’ and one ‘action’ per unit, per turn. Actions encompass firing, assaulting, setting up a sniper shot, etc.

– Revise and reformat the layout of the unit stats. Preferably dual columns, preferably in order of relevance to the rules.

– Make weapon specific rules merged with the unit sheet.

Custom Gundam terrain

If you’ve ever considered spicing up the terrain for your Gundam games, you might consider building some destroyed Mobile Suits such as these:


On the left is a destroyed Zaku II, and on the right a destroyed GM and its shield. Terrain such as these are easy to build and paint! I used two cheap old 1/144 scale original Gundam kits (These will set you back less than $4 each if you look online!) mounted on bases made of paper clay, wood glue and fine sand. The kits were then spray painted and hand painted to achieve the look. Feel free to embellish the pieces with bullet and plasma wounds (created here using a heated up metal spike to melt the plastic). For best painting results for wounds, use black paint and then drybrush dark brown, followed by silver highlighting  around the very edges.

If you would like more tips, please let me know!