Wahey! I’m not dead! Exciting new titles inbound!

Sorry folks! I know I haven’t been posting for a while, but I’m still kicking!
During my absense, I’ve been working on some new miniatures rules!

First up, my Zeta Gundam expansion “Pulse of the Stars” is nearly complete!

Second, I’m working on THREE new rule sets! (P.S: All titles pending!)

“Simplepoleon” is a simple, easy Napoleonic Era wargaming ruleset using 1/72 scale miniatures. It aims to not use many miniatures and be inexpensive and easy to play! It will use a D6 system and feature formations, cannon, cavalry and all that good stuff!

“Even death may die” is a 28mm zombie apocalypse game utilising a D6 engine. Like my Gundam game, It is building to have both simple and advanced rulesets. The advanced rules feature factors such as trauma, exhaustion, supplies, and infection. Multiple factions are also planned, including bandits, survivors, zombies and B.C.F(Biohazard Containment Force).

Lastly, “Kougeki” is a 28mm Sengoku Jidai samurai battlegame!

Stay Tuned for more!