The new rules are coming along fine, as is my effort to get a camera for the video tutorial (heads up though, as I do have an accent!)

Out of curiosity, which Gundam setting or series would you guys like to see added to the rules next? (After Zeta of course!)


Gundam Skirmish: Revised

G’day all!

After doing some extensive playtesting of my game, I feel as though it could be simplified further! I’ve gathered comments from all over the net and have a brand new (hopefully easy to grasp) version of Gundam Skirmish in the works which is now faster than ever! (And less stat checks! Huzzah!)

I’ve been partially inspired by the action packed game ‘Ronin’ and its use of combined hit and wound mechanics. Along with the feedback from you guys, of course!

But don’t despair! My classic (?) version of Gundam Skirmish will remain, and the content for Zeta Gundam (pulse of the stars) will be available for both the revised and classic versions! Nifty! Now you will have a choice of which version you want to play; fast and bloody (Revised Edition) or slow but detailed (Classic Edition.)

My new version should coincide with a youtube video explaining the new rules (Hopefully!) Hope you enjoy it soon!