Working on new Gundam Skirmish Module

Greetings fellow wargamers! Just thought I’d let you know I’ve decided to create and publish a number of new, smaller Expansion modules for Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish!

Currently in the works is a ruleset to allow certain huge units on the battlefield (should you have the time and patience to build them.)

This set includes units such as the Big Tray class land battleship, Gaw, Elmeth, and even fan favourite, the  Big Zam! (Yes, I’ve already finished him, don’t panic.)

On a side note: If you are interested in helping spread Gundam Skirmish by translating the rules into your native language, that would be extremely appreciated! I’m sad to say my fluency in languages other than English is limited. Volunteers would be appreciated!


Roll completed!

Whew, finally. After about 9 hours of effort; here’s Roll, the sister of Mega Man!

Had a mishap with her torso (rubber grommet was too big) and her waist needed tightening, but hey! The colours are nice and vibrant at least thanks to the Tamiya paints!