New ideas for wargames, vote now!

I hope my readers have been enjoying the games I have created so far! I’m pleased to announce that I have a couple of ideas prepared for a few wargames!

So tell me, which of these rule systems would you prefer first?

– A 1/144 scale Jet Fighter air combat game featuring squadrons and missions to carry out.

– Or a 28mm scale Wild West shootout game using standard playing cards as a unique game mechanic?

“Blood & Bounty” 1.1 Out Now!

Attention: Updated version contains an errata for the “loyalty” mechanic. My sincere apologies.

Hello everyone!

My latest wargame, Blood & Bounty: A short life, but a merry one!” is now out! Get it at the link below!

Blood & Bounty 1-1

“Blood & Bounty” is a pirate themed 28mm wargame that features over 50 pages of rules and statistics for reenacting the swashbuckling skirmishes of the Golden Age of Piracy! The game includes:

  • 5 Factions
    (Royal Navy, Marine Royale, Real Armada Espanola, Merchantmen & Traders, and Pirates & Privateers.)
  • Full rules for simulated sailing and combat with multiple vessels
  • Boarding actions with hectic hand-to-hand and ranged combat
  • Historical and fictional pirate characters
  • A fleshed-out campaign mode for battling across the tropical Caribbean with multiple players

And much more!

I look forward to hearing what you guys think!

Author: Liam Thomas (DonkusGaming)

“Blood & Bounty” release date soon!”

Ahoy, lubbers! Just letting you know that “Blood & Bounty” is nearly finished! The game mechanics are essentially complete and I’m primarily working on the campaign mode and special rules and statistics for historical pirates.

My estimate may be a little off, but I’m assuming that the game should be ready on this website at approximately 3:00pm AEST this Wednesday. Woo!

Pirate Wargame Name Decided: “Blood & Bounty”

Just a quick update: The name of our pirate wargame has been decided: “Blood & Bounty” with the possible subtitle “A short life, but a merry one.” Special thanks goes to my commenters as well as my dear ol’ mum who helped create the name! Wahey!