“Blood & Bounty” 1.1 Out Now!

Attention: Updated version contains an errata for the “loyalty” mechanic. My sincere apologies.

Hello everyone!

My latest wargame, Blood & Bounty: A short life, but a merry one!” is now out! Get it at the link below!

Blood & Bounty 1-1

“Blood & Bounty” is a pirate themed 28mm wargame that features over 50 pages of rules and statistics for reenacting the swashbuckling skirmishes of the Golden Age of Piracy! The game includes:

  • 5 Factions
    (Royal Navy, Marine Royale, Real Armada Espanola, Merchantmen & Traders, and Pirates & Privateers.)
  • Full rules for simulated sailing and combat with multiple vessels
  • Boarding actions with hectic hand-to-hand and ranged combat
  • Historical and fictional pirate characters
  • A fleshed-out campaign mode for battling across the tropical Caribbean with multiple players

And much more!

I look forward to hearing what you guys think!

Author: Liam Thomas (DonkusGaming)


2 thoughts on ““Blood & Bounty” 1.1 Out Now!

  1. I am considering using your rules for a future miniatures project but I have some questions. There are several references to “wounds and dying” but I don’t see any such section in the rules. Am I missing something? Also I am wondering about the minimum ranges for firearms. Is a unit unable to fire at a target closer than a weapon’s minimum? Also in the ammo type chart for cannons, is the +1 die result a modifier on the chance to hit the target? There are many things I like in your rules and I hope you can help me with these questions.

    • My apologies! These rules are a little old now and went through several heavy edits (but obviously a lot of things slipped through the cracks, this is one of my much earlier projects! A lot was inadvertently left on the cutting room floor.)

      From what I recall in essence the rules for Wounds and Dying are quite simple. Each unit has a “Vitality” statistic. Points of “Damage” are subtracted from a target’s “Vitality” as the result of a successful attack. When the “Vitality” statistic reaches 0 or below the unit is “Killed” and removed from the game. It is also important that a unit who is reduced to 1 “Vitality” needs to perform a loyalty check.

      You are also correct. A unit is incapable of using a weapon outside of its stated ranges. Either below “Close Range” or above “Long Range.” This provides an incentive for melee attacks in close quarters.

      The Ammo Type Modifiers are applied (I believe) to both the chance to hit the target and when rolling for damage. For example, if you were to shoot a Swivel Gun with “Round Shot” at close range at a Unit (such as an enemy Swabbie), you would gain +1. So, if you rolled a 3 on the die to hit, your +1 modifier would actually result in a 4, leading to a successful hit. You would then roll to deal damage, the “Dodge Check,” and if you rolled a 5 for example, the +1 would actually result in a 6. Whereas if you were firing at an enemy ship’s rigging you would gain no bonus.

      I hope I’ve given you the correct answers and that they make sense! Hope you’ll enjoy the game!

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