Thank you!

Hello all! I just wanted to say “Thank You” to everyone that has downloaded and enjoyed my games!

I know that I am only a very small website, and that we don’t have many fans or followers, and even that there are bigger, more competitive and assertive indie wargame makers out there (especially on the Gundam front!)

I want everyone to know that it makes me very happy to know that someone, somewhere out there likes the work I put a lot of my heart into, even if we’ll never be as mainstream or popular as other games.

So, thank you once again, and enjoy! I hope many hours of happy gaming are ahead for you.

And as always, feel free to leave comments and opinions on my works!


“Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” Out Now!

The new version of “Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” is here!

Update: Added Editable PDF Character Sheet

The current release comes with:

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam Skirmish 1.3 (Current “Core Rules” set
  2. Principality of Zeon Unit Statistics
  3. Earth Federation Forces Unit Statistics
  4. Anti Earth Union Group Unit Statistics
  5. Editable Character Sheet

These rules are completely free (although a donation is welcome if you feel like it!)
Please download and print these documents in order to play the game.

Corrections and errors:

  • The following should be added to the campaign section:

Exhaustion Check: Perform the following check for each pilot in an MS Team:

Roll 2D6 against the value [5 (+/- “Pilot Mind”)]

If the die result is lower than that value, the pilot passes the exhaustion check. If the die result is that value or higher, than the pilot loses the exhaustion check.

If a unit passes their exhaustion check, they proceed as normal.
If a unit loses their exhaustion check, they are removed from the game.
An MS Team with no remaining pilots as a result of this check is removed from the game.”

Please note: All previous releases of the game are incompatible with this newest rule set. If you wish to download older, incompatible versions of the rules, please click the following link:

This post will be updated as new Unit Statistics are made available for use in game.

I hope you enjoy the game and will continue to support “Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” into the future!


Liam Thomas (donkusgaming)

Gundam Skirmish rules complete! Now, about those statistics…

Good news everyone! The rules for the latest version of Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish are complete!

I have mixed news though: In an effort to please everyone, I’m attempting to expand the current selection of mobile suits available for use in game by oh… 300%. Literally. So! This means you’ll now be able to access units from ZZ Gundam, Stardust Memory, Char’s Counterattack, Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam SEED, in addition to ALL previously released units! Huzzah! This should now be possible thanks to the flexibility of the new rules!

However, development of these units takes a long time, and although I am trying my best to write them as soon as possible for all of you, they will have to be released in “Waves.” I apologise to everyone who wanted all of the units of the game within the same document. Until development of all the units is finished, I will be releasing the unit statistics seperately, one at a time, as I want to avoid everyone having to print out a 70 page document, then you will have the option of downloading an “All-In-one” package!

Wave 1 will launch within the next few days and should contain;

  1. The new rules in a PDF document.
  2. “Earth Federation Forces” Unit Statistics PDF document.
  3. “Principality of Zeon” Unit Statistics PDF document.

Future “Waves” will be released on a “When they’re done” basis, but hopefully shouldn’t take exceptionally long! Look forward to Zeta and ZZ Gundam next!

I would also like to again remind everyone that once the new ruleset (with wave 1) is released, I will be discontinuing previous versions of the game. This is to avoid confusion. Thank you for your understanding!

More Fan Photos!

Today I worked on some wooden model buildings to illustrate game concepts (and make lovely photos hopefully!) for the latest Gundam game! Oh, the things you can do with balsa wood. Seriously!

In other news, some more lovely photos from our gamers! Joy!


Old “Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” Version Archive

Please Note: The files below are NOT COMPATIBLE with the newest version of “Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish.”


This is a repository of older versions of Gundam Skirmish. Please use this archive if you wish to play older versions of the game.

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” Revised Edition (OLD)

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” Original Version (OLD)

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” Original Version Unit Statistics (OLD)

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” Original Version Pulse of the Stars Expansion (OLD)

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” Original Version Expansion Module 1 (OLD)

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” Original Version Expansion Module 2 (OLD)