New Gundam Skirmish version with unit creation guide included!

Hey all!

You can now attempt to make your own units for “Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” using version 1.2 with the Custom Unit Creation Guide included! Hooray!

Get it at the link below (or at the main download post!):

“Mobile Suit Gundam Skirmish” Core Rules (1.2) with “Custom Unit Creation Guide.”

I hope you enjoy it!


Update for adding your own units to the game!

Hey guys!

Just giving you an update today to let you know that I’ve decided (for the time being) to invest more time and energy into working on the other projects I’m working on at the moment.

However, I still love and want to support this game as best as I can. Which is why I have a cool proposal. We’re going to try making new universal army lists for the game as a community! Joy!

So here’s the plan! Later today (possibly tomorrow if I’m late!) I will release a “Unit Kit” that will show you the guidelines for how to create new units to add to the game! This will include stats for the various weapons, armour classes, points calculation, a template to fill in, etc. It will be based off of the i formation I gave beta testers, but now it will be public knowledge!

The community can them e-mail me submissions for new units and I can add them into a test army list! We can then discuss what units need to change, be removed, etc! I think it should be pretty fun!

Sorry in advance for this information, I just really want to try working on my other project for a time. To make ya’ll feel better, here’s a picture of my cat:


Let’s build new armies together! Huzzah!

Distracted by a new project!

Hello all! Sorry about the relative lack of activity recently. All I can say is that it’s not all ENTIRELY my fault? I’ve had a bit of a nasty tooth complaint recently (and ya’ll know THAT sucks!) However! While I was in my Advil induced comfort I came to think that I should diversify my projects somewhat (don’t worry! Gundam Skirmish is still in progress!)

As such, I plan on creating a uh… Video Game!

With the release of the newest RPG Maker Engine later this month, I should have an opportunity to tinker around with some ideas. My current plan is to make a game similar to one of my favourites from the past: ” Harvest Moon: Back to Nature” on the PS1 ( Hey, don’t judge me! It’s adorable!) Hopefully this shouldn’t be exceptionally difficult, as I’ve made some games with the previous engines in the past, and have some experience with it.

If you would like to give some suggestions, comments, ideas, or other support, feel free to let me know! I’ll update you with more info as I make progress!