New Gundam Skirmish version with unit creation guide included!

Hey all!

You can now attempt to make your own units for “Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” using version 1.2 with the Custom Unit Creation Guide included! Hooray!

Get it at the link below (or at the main download post!):

“Mobile Suit Gundam Skirmish” Core Rules (1.2) with “Custom Unit Creation Guide.”

I hope you enjoy it!


4 thoughts on “New Gundam Skirmish version with unit creation guide included!

    • Sure thing! How about we use this rule of thumb for now: Carrying a (non-mounted) piece of equipment costs +10 points for each weapon with a volley tag, +20 for a blast tag, and +30 for a penetration tag. These are cumulative! So, a weapon with both blast and penetration would cost +50 points altogether. This way you can gamble with weapon distribution amongst your units.

      An alternative can be:

      Low calibre and medium calibre weapons are free.
      Explosive weapons cost an additional 30 points each.
      Beam weapons cost an additional 50 points each.

      Just something to tinker with!

  1. I just read the rules, and I freaking love this! I wanna have a game night with all my gundam buddies, but I have one question.
    Is there a tutorial for this game? Cause I’d like to have a better understanding than what I think I might know. The campaign and the cost system are what really bug me, but that’s cause I’m pretty new to table tops in general.
    I hope this wasn’t too long, I’m merely a novice to table tops who loves Gunpla! 😀

    • Sorry, I haven’t really made a tutorial yet! The campaign can be ignored if you just want to have matches with your friends, and the points system basically acts as a “Guide” for how many units you and your opponents can have! (500 points each, for instance.)

      I’m always open to answering questions if you have any, so feel free to drop me an email and I’ll give you a hand.

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