Jet Combat Wargame Proposal

Hello all! In an attempt to get my creative juices flowing, I’m proposing an idea for a new wargame.

My idea is 1/144 scale jet combat. Probably focusing on hollywood style dogfighting (so not necessarily the most realistic. Think of the “Ace Combat” series of video games or the movie “Top-Gun” as inspiration here) with fast-paced combat and gameplay mechanics akin to something the like “Star Wars: X-Wing” wargame.

As an expression of interest, could you please fill in the poll or comment section and indicate how interested you would be in such a product.

Thank you in advance!





6 thoughts on “Jet Combat Wargame Proposal

    • I’ve been considering updating Gundam Skirmish, although I am somewhat unsure of what kind of features need to be added to the game (other than an obvious roster update for the available units.)

      Any ideas?

  1. I would propose:
    – A damaged system with penalization of actions performed by the Gundam.
    – A detailed historic campaign.
    – New statistics with new Gundam.
    – An updated system of scores.
    – Elements climate variables that impact on the pitch.

  2. I suggest
    -a weapons list with cost
    -building damage and destruction (terrain)
    -add I field effects
    -colony lasers accesible to all
    -instead of the roster,put generic abilities and mods for making your own mech.
    -I field bonuses as a shield bonus
    -shield break equals to half damage taken
    -mobile armors
    -limits in gunpla alteration and point limits
    -add relative speed chart for custom creation
    -more levels for advanced players.

  3. It would take more tables where elements or with occasional random events.
    For example, dust storms, flooding, severe weather, traps that are activated, aid from allies … etc.
    This would make the game much more unpredictable.

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