Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish ver 1.3

Hey everyone. Big update for Gundam Skirmish today. Sorry about the lack of updates, I’ve been a bit busy recently. I aim to write some more unit sheets for you all eventually, which will make a nice break from the normal routine!

Anywho, here is the newest version of the “Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish” Core Rules:

Mobile Suit Gundam Skirmish 1.3


The following should be added to the campaign section.

Exhaustion Check: Perform the following check for each pilot in an MS Team:

Roll 2D6 against the value [5 (+/- β€œPilot Mind”)]

If the die result is lower than that value, the pilot passes the exhaustion check. If the die result is that value or higher, than the pilot loses the exhaustion check.

If a unit passes their exhaustion check, they proceed as normal.
If a unit loses their exhaustion check, they are removed from the game.
An MS Team with no remaining pilots as a result of this check is removed from the game.”

There is also now an editable character sheet that should prove useful:

Editable Character Sheet

There’s tonnes of neat little updates in this version, following your suggestions. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Changes to the “Shield Break” system.
  • Weather and environmental effects
  • Random terrain generation
  • Extra levels, mods and traits
  • I-Field/Beam Shield Overhaul (Changes to these abilities in the statistics to come shortly, but you’ll manage.)
  • Air Unit changes.

And more!

I hope you enjoy the new additions and changes to the game!


98 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish ver 1.3

  1. A total success, I got the chance to showcase the game in a video game tournament and it was a great experience to show the game off and give people the chance to experience the fun of the game.

  2. Hi this is Irad from
    I was thinking about a possible ability: dual wielding range weapons; active ability, +1 to acc and critical (since it’s harder to shoot 2 guns) and the same passive ability as fire support.

  3. Hey Donkus, just wondering where I can find the three factions you had set up pre made unit sheets for? I downloaded the AEUG faction ages ago, but now I want to look at the EFSF, but I can’t find them!


  4. I have read over your rules a couple times and really like the way this seems to capture the small squad combat in the UC timeline. I’m working on putting some gunpla together to test it out but have some questions about point costs.

    are units point costs being calculated without any equipment?
    For example looking at the GM III I would guess you did something like this
    (8+6+3) x 10 = 170 core statistics points

    +30 for 3 special rules gets to your base cost of 200

    and this would represent the unit without any wargear, beam saber, shield, head vulcans etc.

    I recognize that this formula isn’t followed exactly on all units, likely you have had to tweak the points through play testing.

    Is the intention of the unit statistics pdfs to show points values sans all equipment, and then purchase equipment from the core rules?


      • Thanks for the quick response, that makes sense πŸ™‚

        I am confused about a few other point

        What is an exhaustion check? I see it mentioned on page 21 but can’t find more information.

        Is war effort seems like a sort of faction morale rating, does it have any affects other than the Exhaustion check when it reaches 0?

        I see that players start with some Requisition, and more can be gained by capturing bases, am I missing some other way to gain requisition? it seems like without more requisition floating around, a campaign should end long before characters have the change to gain many ranks.


      • Yes, War Effort is essentially morale shared by an entire faction. It has no effect (Currently) until it reaches zero. I appear to have accidentally omitted the table and results of an exhaustion check, but it should be as follows:

        “Perform the following check for each pilot in an MS Team:

        Roll 2D6 against the value [5 (+/- “Pilot Mind”)]

        If the die result is lower than that value, the pilot passes the exhaustion check. If the die result is that value or higher, than the pilot loses the exhaustion check.

        If a unit passes their exhaustion check, they proceed as normal.
        If a unit loses their exhaustion check, they are removed from the game.
        An MS Team with no remaining pilots as a result of this check is removed from the game.”

        This process is repeated at the beginning of a player’s turn until war effort equals 1 or above.

        You gain quite a lot of requisition each time a base is captured following a roll on the relevant table. The provided maps come with quite a lot of bases that can be used for this purpose, and rerolls occur for each time they are recaptured (so a fight over a single base can generate a lot as it moves back and forth between players!) If this system doesn’t seem to produce enough requisition, a common house rule I’ve seen is to have each player generate ([total bases posessed by that player] / 2) requisition each turn in addition to what is gained through capture!

    • There are a couple of Mobile Armour in the game, but I’ve been really lazy about porting the old units over to the new system! You can use the custom unit creator to make your own stats for now! I’ll eventually get around to adding it with the axis zeon units. lol

  5. I am curious I play many tabletop games and man you hit it out of the park this is hands down one of the most beautiful games I have ever played but how come you have never tried to get the publishing right’s to make the game official this game is that good

    • Well, the publishing rights would be impossible to obtain regardless. Bandai Namco wouldn’t spring for it because they made their own Gundam Wargame some years ago? (Japan only) So it wouldn’t make sense for them to publish a competing product?

      Thank you for liking the game regardless! I’m happy that so many people appreciate it!

      Edit: I have decided to contact Bandai Namco. Most likely my email will be buried and/or they will not have time to respond to it. I will keep everyone posted on the details if I hear anything!

  6. I have a question about cover and it’s simple if I can’t be seen can I be targeted stupid question but I have to ask because of the brutality (p) penetration also if I am in cover and you only see a hand or head am I a legal target also if you could give a brief description of why cover is important thanks brother ; b

    • Unless a weapon or ability explicitly states otherwise, you cannot be targetted if you can’t be seen!

      Cover is determined by how much of the target that can be seen. There is a diagram in the shooting section that explains it! In this case, if you can only see a head or a hand, this is typically nit sufficient enough to be classed as a target. You typically need to be able to see approximately one third of the target or more!

  7. THANK YOU! Seriously I’ve been trying to figure out a system to use my unholy collection of MSIA figures with to wargamjng and this is it. I found your rules, downloaded them, and feared that this was a project from years ago that was lost, but after seeing you active only a week ago I’m amazed and soooo happy I found your awesome work. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON THIS!

  8. Hey how does the damge work in this game it is the only thing I haven’t figured out. So if you could give me an idea example that be fantastic.

    • I hope this makes things a bit clearer for you. I try to make my instructions as clear as possible!

      Damage works a little like this; each weapon has a damage (DAM) value next to it. If this weapon causes “Hits” in combat that aren’t blocked by an enemy, you apply the number of hits X Damage to the targets remaining integrity. For example, 2 hits x 3 DAM = 6 total Damage applied to integrity.

      Up to 50% of this total Damage can be prevented if the target optionally performs a “Shield Break” at this time.

      In addition to damage, if the die during this attack rolled a value high enough that in addition to being a “Hit” also were a “Critical Hit” then additional rolls are made for each of these critical hits scored on a separate chart (in addition to damage as normal). This “Damage Chart” applies extra penalties to the target, such as slower movement. If a target chooses to “Shield Break” then ignore the results of the Damage Chart for this attack.

      If your target is reduced to 0 integrity or less they are destroyed. Make a roll on the “Destruction Table” to see what happens to the pilot.

  9. THIS IS AMAZING. Tried the game a few times and loved it! Any chance you’ll be adding neo zein or sleeve suits? I know I can make my own but I’d be scared to make them overpowered πŸ™‚ Thanks again for an awesome game.

    • Thanks for commenting! I’m always glad to hear people are enjoying my game! The current zeon army list has a few neo zeon/ sleeves units available. I really should expand the range though! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own units. If you’re worried about them being OP, try and base them of a similar unit that already exists! Best of luck in your gaming!

      • Any guidance on creating a geara doga/zulu or a Doven Wolf? I know the wolf is a bit different than the silver bullet by having more fire power that it can connect that massive beam rifle too, and they are mounted so I feel like it might be OP lol Again I’m loving the game, just want some more advanced suits because I’m jealous of all the feddie suits. πŸ™‚ Any feedback is appreciated and if I’m being to annoying about it I apologize!

  10. Great job on the game, been loving it!
    Been trying to stat out canon/canon-ish units that have 1/144 models, can be represented sufficiently with existing models, or don’t require onerous modding to make. Can try out units myself and have ready made sheets/stats for some of the popular non-listed units people want to play around here! So far haven’t had too many issues (aside from constantly finding something I need to downgrade on the Palace Athene, heh) and usually run by Irad from the Gundam Kitchen and some of the players anything I have doubts about anyway, but have come across some interesting things not yet represented/addressed by existing rules/abilities.

    One of which is units that can use some form of melee while flying, such as the flight type Goufs and the Dra-C (required stand is too big to treat as a regular unit). Was wondering what you think of the ability I wrote up to deal with melee capable aerial units:
    Aerial Brawler
    “” While in “Flight Mode” this unit may elect to consider an enemy unit, even one subject to the “Air Unit” special rule, within “Close Combat Range”. Roll a D6 before resolving “Close Combat” on an “Air Unit”; on a result of 3+ this unit whiffs and “Close Combat” immediately fails and is not resolved. If the target “Air Unit” does not have the “Aerial Brawler” Ability, then it is treated as “Unarmed” with the following stats: [ Unarmed | 0 | 1 | 4+ | / | / ] “”
    (Having written that out here think I need to go back and add a little text clarifying that can only be used upon either unit immediately entering CC range, if only just to be on the safe side.)

    Also wondering if you think this is appropriate/workable stating for the 5 barrel mega beam hands on the Zeong?
    “Shots”: 1d6
    “Acc”: 3+
    “Crit”: 5+
    “Range”: 18″ – 48″
    “DAM”: 3

    Once again thanks for the work you’ve been doing in making this game, and sorry if the post got a bit rambly/messy in parts.

    • Glad you’re enjoying the game! Your ideas for air-based melee combat are interesting and I think they’d work well! I like how it simulates the kind of inertia that something flying at a target would experience!

      I would say that those stats are appropriate for the neo zeong’s hand beam guns. It appears similar to other beam weaponry! Now all you need to consider is whether to allow it to have penetration or not. lol

      • Glad to hear that; and yeah, I figured an aerial unit should still be pretty hard to hit since there are plenty of ways for an attacking pilot to mess up through their own or the target’s fault. Just need to try out a few more instances of it in some games besides the one embarrassing attempt I made with a Dra-C that got it killed after missing with a 1 and 2 (after rolling two 1’s in a row on its beam gatling to boot).

        Opps, forgot to put the tags, heh. I currently gave it the penetration and slow reload tags. And actually I was referring to the regular/original Zeong… so do you think that the stats should be toned down then for the regular Zeong’s hand beam guns?

        Also have been trying to figure out suitable stats for an “Exposed Joint(s)” ability to represent the pros and cons of the largely unarmored joints on the Schuzrum Galluss and GM Light Armor (and any other units I can’t think of that might qualify), do you think these would be a good fit?

        If Arms: +1 DEX; takes twice as much critical damage to Arms
        If Legs: halved rotation penalties; takes twice as much critical damage to Legs
        If Body: Roll one extra defend die; upon taking damage roll a d6 and if result is a 6, take an additional 1 DAM
        If Head: 180 degree Sight/Attack Radius; upon taking damage roll a d6, on 6 take critical damage to Head

  11. Nah, stats I imagine would be pretty similar between both Zeongs for that weapon. I’d keep ’em the same!

    I like the ideas for the exposed joints. It’s good to have a toss-up between extra dexterity + other benefits vs. increased likelihood of severe damage! Creative!

    • I don’t know… the 1/144 Neo Zeong is roughly the size of a toddler, with an individual barrel of the five barrels on each of its arms roughly 2/3 the size of the arm of most same-scale non-MA units… and each forearm being about the size of most of said units.
      Unless you mean the firepower of a single Neo-Zeong arm would be roughly equivalent to the firepower from both arms of a Zeong?

      Also realized that the Schuzrum Galluss probably needs an ability for its magnet anchors since it wouldn’t have a boost value. Think this would be a suitable ability for that?

      Magnetic Anchors
      This unit may treat terrain up to 10″ lower/higher than it’s current elevation as at the same elevation. If within 4″ of a structure/feature more than 10″ lower/higher than it’s current elevation, this unit may take a slow action to move onto the nearest edge of the structure/feature.
      If this unit is within 12″ of any unit, it may take a quick action to attempt to charge the unit. Roll a d6. On a result of 5+, this unit moves within 6″ of the unit and is considered charging. Otherwise, the action fails and this unit remains where it is.

  12. Howdy, just thought I’d pop in and let you know that me and a friend really appreciate what you do.

    I haven’t purchased gunpla in years since I never knew what to do with them after completion unlike my various wargaming models.

    With the discovery of your rules and after a quick 1v1 demo game with my friend, we placed an order for a handful of fun kits to build specifically for this game. First order of many I assume!

    It has not only sparked a renewed love (and use!) for kit building, but I have been become re-enamored with the lore and have been watching various TV series, OVAs, and films in the MSG universe.

    Thank you.

  13. Have you given any thought to rules for disposable weapons like the Sturm Faust? My Zeon squad has about a dozen of the buggers between them, but so far they’ve just been decorations.

  14. Can you make some new cards of MS from latest U.C. anime(like RX-0 Unicorn, MS-666 Kshatriya, Qubeley and other MS of Neo Zeon and Earth Federation)? I can make them, but I was haunted by the feeling malfunctioning. I believe that the system designer knows balance better than I.

  15. as a preface, this is the best fan-made tabletop wargame I’ve ever played. But I do have one issue, and it’s really a matter of laziness. With the release of the IBO 1/144 kits and the huge variety of weapon options they are also releasing I’ve found that writing new sheets for every damned weapon load out has become somewhat of a chore, So I’ve ‘shopped some unit/weapon/ability cards together in the style of warmmahordes/X-wing. Makes unit customization so much faster, and easier to keep track of.

    • Thank you for the comment and efforts!

      Sorry about my laziness. This game was kinda meant to be just a classic one year war setting and to be left at that, but I added the mechanics for people to expand beyond the limitations of the base game if they wanted, mostly due to said laziness.

      Thanks for putting up with the game regardless!

  16. G’Day from Australia!

    Firstly, my thanks for your work creating MSG Skirmish! A friend and I have just had our first test game using 1/400 Gundam gashapon. We’ve gone to the trouble of laser-cutting bases and templates, such is our enthusiasm. πŸ™‚

    However, our first play-through caused a couple of head-scratchers; Firstly, in Close Combat is it the case that only the Armour level (The number of dice rolled in defence) is compared to the successful attacks – and that no Defend roll takes place?

    Secondly, suppose the Attacker in a close combat destroys the Defender before the counter-attack; does the counter-attack still take place? (In other words, at what point in Close Combat is Damage applied?)

    We’d appreciate your insight into how to enact these rule points. Again, thank you for your amazing work! We’ll be sure to send you some pictures of our battles before too long.

    – Martin in Australia (not the bit the colony fell on.)

    • Sorry! It’s been a while since I wrote the rules!

      However, yes, in close combat, no defend roll takes place. You instead immediately remove a hit equal to the value of your armour from the attack pool of the enemy. You may also then roll your “shield bonus” if possible to potentially remove a second hit, but no more than this. Damage is then calculated as normal.

      I believe that in the game, close combat is very deadly for this reason as there isn’t anywhere near as many chances to defend yourself with die like when under gunfire.

      To answer your second question, The “Advantage” roll is key here, because the player that wins this gets to apply their damage first in close combat! (And remember that charging gives you a big advantage bonus!) If the opponent who lost the “advantage” roll is rendered “destroyed” through the “damage” process before applying their counter attack, the counter attack can not take place. In this case, we can assume their opponent was faster than them in landing the fatal strike!

      Nice to see another Australian playing the game! Hope the summer isn’t keeping you down too bad!

      • Thanks for the quick reply, Liam!

        We have experimented with using the defend roll in close combat (as per shooting); it is still quite deadly, but yes, there is a bit of ‘bouncing’ when attacks don’t strike home. It does reduce the number of rules to recall during the heat of battle, though.

        A fight between an EZ8 escorted by a pair of RGM-79(G)’s versus the three Doms of the Black Tri-Stars left the Federation ruing the day they encountered the Jetstream Attack! Or, at least, three bazooka-toting Zeon crazies… πŸ˜‰

        We’re currently hammering out points for abilities and other campaign details, and repainting gashapon. πŸ™‚ With luck, we should have some pics to share next week.

        It’s been as hot as the inside of a Minovsky fusion reactor here in Adelaide, South Oz! But, the Gundam gaming goes on.

        – Martin

  17. Tell me about it, I live up Wollongong way and the heat and sea humidity are killing me! I’d love to see your painting! I’m in the process of “basing” all my models correctly right now (having been sick of them toppling over) and I can’t work in my garage because of the sweltering! Good luck!

  18. Curious question, any plans to scale it up to include ships?

    Also the use of non-Space units is odd, the natural assumption would be that -S- is the tag for Space units, whereas would be the more natural assumption for Ground only units.

    • I can’t really scale the game up to include ships, I’m afraid, mostly because there aren’t exactly any Gunpla kits of space ships that I’m aware of that exist roughly between the 1/144 and 1/300 scale range that this game focuses on! There are a few 1/500 to 1/1000 kits but at that scale the mobile suits essentially don’t exist (being less than 1mm tall and all.) Ship to ship combat is also very different and would require a kind of fundamental re-writing of the rules from scratch to accomodate them, so I guess it would be better to do make another ruleset for them!

      The -S- (space) tag is actually used to designate units that cannot be used in space! This includes tanks and other wheeled ground vehicles! The “space” being referred to here are battles that take place in a space setting using the optional rules for “space combat” included in the game. You don’t have to use these rules at all if you don’t wish! It’s just to prevent funny scenes like a Magella Attack Tank floating around in orbit.

      • Interesting Battleclad mentions this; doing MSGSk in 1/400, my friend and I are contemplating using spacecraft in our games, albeit in NOT the same scale! (While you can buy kits of Musai and White Base in 1/400 they are damn expensive.)

        The differences in scale between MS’s and Ships is not an insurmountable issue. It’s just an aesthetic thing. You don’t want your ships too small relative to the MS’s.

        Let me see if I can post a pic of my Feddie army…


      • I was more meaning from a game designer perspective, I’m part of the Rule Development team for a forum based RP system. -S- just seems odd for non-space, also I’m aware of the scale disparity but as martin mentioned it’s more of an aesthetic thing.

        Personally I’m more than content with using a mix of scales for ships and MS/MFs .If need be for a combat on the ships then a zoomed in mini-map could be made up.

        As for ships a rough consideration could be simply doubling the numbers, along with a little tweaking, for instance:

        “To work out the movement for a ship the same steps (round down to the nearest 50) are followed for working out the movement speed of a Mobile Suit, however, the resulting values refer to cruising speed for a vehicle. Which in game terms is only used for movement on the Campaign Maps (at a cost of 1000 Movement Points per sector), for use in battle these values are divided by 100 on Earth and 80 in Space (round down to the nearest whole number).”

        “Armour values are calculated as normal for ships, however, the armour values are tracked individually for each side and for each weapon system (weapon systems receive -2 Armour, to a minimum of 1). Weapons systems may be targeted directly but add 1+ to the accuracy roll.

        “Integrity is also equal to that of a Mobile Suit, however, like Armour it is tracked individually per side and weapon system. Furthermore visible equipment (like radar and comms equipment) is considered to have 1 Integrity but can only be hit by rolling two successive 6s (the first to hit and the second to check if it was only a glancing blow).

        “For the purpose of simplicity every ship is considered a Medium shield on each side, this is to reflect the solid spaces and non-critical systems that may be damaged during battle.”

        “How to calculate a ship’s cost in points value:
        ((Space Movement + Integrity + Armour) X 20 (Rounded down)) + 40
        (+ Up to 200 extra points based on your judgment of how powerful the ship’s special abilities are.)”

        Which gives something like this:

      • Perhaps a big unit like White Base shouldn’t have a morale penalty or the like? Making it effectively “fearless” I guess. It could fight until the end! It would already have to be quite expensive so it would be kinda sad to see it running from the battlefield!

    • I’d actually considered making it Fearless but ultimately I gave it some thought overnight. Not entirely happy with my solution at the moment though.

      “Forced Withdrawl:
      Once a ship has received 50% damage to two sides, lost 80% of it’s weapons or 3/4 of it’s allies it must withdraw to the edge closest to it’s starting position at half speed. This is in lieu of the morale system for Mobile Suits.”

      Health and Ships:
      “Unlike Mobile Suits the health system is used to reflect the overall health of the crew, further unlike there are negative effects when the crew takes damage.

      When health drops to Worn-Out the crew losses one Movement Point in Ground or Space battles to reflect combat losses among the crew. Further when the crew’s health is further reduced to Frail they may only fire half their initial payload per turn. Should the ship not be deployed for combat it regenerates one health per battle missed.”

  19. Liam, following a game today, a question: Is there any restriction intended on how many Orders a Command unit can issue per turn? The reason I ask is because we found combining ‘Bring them Down!’ with the Zaku-specific ‘Seig Zeon!’ trait results in a trio of Zakus turning into a multi-shot guaranteed Death Machine.

    Costing only 1 Command Pt, ‘Bring them down!’ seems rather cheap; given to just 2 of the Zakus (for a cost of 2 CPs) sent a barrage of 11 shots tearing into GMs that didn’t stand much chance. I did wonder where the Zeon pilots suddenly found a cache of depleted uranium rounds…

    Your thoughts?

    • Well! If you look at the “Command” special rule, you can only have one unit for every 500 points (although this could be adjusted as house rules) and they generate 1 Command point per turn while they’re alive, each. So… I suppose a good solution may be one or more of the following:

      – Increase point cap requirement for units in army. Perhaps 800 points?
      – Increase the cost of “Bring them down!” to 2 CP.
      – One commander unit may only issue one command per turn, requiring multiple commanders to be alive and present in order to co-ordinate such a strategy!

      What do you think?

      • I should have added more detail to my description of the battle; this was a 2000pt fight, with 1 commander per side. I’d say there’s no issue with the command restrictions per se, and indeed, this might merely be a particularly evil combo for Zeon players.

        One could argue that targeting such a formation with blast weapons is likely to discourage the tactic, but we do play with some variations on the theme;

        ‘Sieg Zeon!’ applies to units within 6″ of each other, not base-to-base contact (having them practically in Napoleonic shoulder-to-shoulder firing lines looked somewhat silly)

        We count Blast as a radius of 3″ (6″ in 1/400 is positively nuclear).

        (This suggests reducing ‘Sieg Zeon!’s radius to 3″ also [when fighting in 1/400] might provide the counter for the tactic.)

        Otherwise, I suspect limiting C.O.’s to one Order per Turn will be enough to curb the madness. πŸ˜€

        For the sake of full disclosure – I was the victim of these trigger-happy Zakus, and they wiped the floor with me! Not fussed by the battle’s outcome, for I deserved the arse-handing I got. (I obsessed with taking down his Dopps, while the rest of the Zeon force took its sweet time positioning itself.)

        BTW, here’s a link to my much-neglected blog. There’s some shots of my 1/200 HCM Pro stuff, but no 1/400 articles yet. I’ll remedy that soon. πŸ™‚


        – Martin

  20. Hi again, Liam! Glad you liked Martin’s Models. It needs some dusting and a lick of paint though… πŸ˜‰

    I had some more Feddy MS’s arrive in the mail today, along with some 3D printed shields and bazookas earlier in the week. Next off the production line will be Type 61 Tanks!

    Another question, if I may be so bold; regarding weapon classes – is there an actual difference between an ‘Explosive’ class weapon and one that has the ‘Blast’ Tag? The terms seem interchangeable from the perspective of the effect they have.


    – Martin

  21. Not really! Basically, almost all explosive weapons have “Blast” you see! There are, I believe, some non-explosive weapons that can cause the “Blast” effect, however! (Particle cannons, etc, I think!)

  22. Right you are. I get the idea behind defining weapons by class, although it strikes me that the classes could be rolled into the Tags system – both are, after all, descriptive methods of defining game effects. I’m not here to engage in wholesale re-writing of your game, though! πŸ™‚

    And thanks for taking the time to answer all these inane questions! Being a World Famous Game Designer must be a tough cross to bear… πŸ˜‰

    By the way; did you ever hear from Bandai / Sunrise about exploring a licence, etc?


    – Martin

  23. Donkus, I love this game idea. It is what I have been wanting for years. I just recently found this amazing game and have got my friends excited to start playing.

    I wanted to check with you to see what you think about a few mechanics that don’t seem to be well covered in the rule book. When using a suit with Funnels/Bits would I assume each bit is its own unit when deployed. We wanted to see how a suit like the kastrysha would play on the table. The suit has 24 bits. I used the 50pt beam guns and assume they have a move 1, armor 1, and integrity of 2. This is 90pts per bit and 24 of them so we are looking at 2160pt just it bits. Are they treated as their own unit when deployed or one multi-shot attack if they all are out?

    The suit also has four large shields each with a “I-field” on them. My mind tells me that the shields/”I-fields” do not stack. Is this the case? like basically 4 shields would be 4 chances to keep that extra dice and preform shield brakes as needed?

    I thank you in advance for any insight into this. I love the work you have done making this game.

    • Each bit is its own unit, yes. They are treated and calculated as such normally. But when I first wrote the rules, a bit-using unit usually had between around 4-8 bits, so you may wish to adjust your numbers somewhat, perhaps reduce it to either 8 bits (3 per base) or 12 bits (2 per base). You can tinker with their movement or hitpoints for balance as well! Multiple shields or I-fields aren’t stacked. They only count as the value of one of their type. However, as you’ve implied, some people like to have multiple shields permit multiple “Shield Breaks” to the value of the total number of shields!

      • We are thinking we are going to treat them as individual units. The idea of clustering them into smaller groups is cool, but it is not how the units act in the show. The problem is that their is no counter for such a unit. Other than the extreme point cost keeping it out of most games. The counter in the show is the NTD system that interferes with a new-types ability to control bits. Even if such a system existed in this game it would be a rare thing to see on a suit. (Not that 24 bits is common.). I was thinking about the rules for NTD being a component that could be added to a unit. Something like: “When in 1-24inch range of a bit controlling suit the pilot must succeed a 4+ to control a bit that turn.”. Also add the requirement that new-types control bits as it seems to be on the show. I have no problem with someone taking 24 turns if their is some sort of counter.

  24. Donkus, do you still accept submissions for new units? A few of the folks in my group suggested I ask after finally getting around to uploading to google drive all of the units we’d written up for our matches for easier access.

    On a side note, with the recent topic of funnels/bits, are they considered units for the purpose of abilities like Blitzkrieg? Or do such abilities only proc on “proper” units like MS, MA, and vehicles?

    • Of course it’s fine to post units! You can leave a hyperlink in the comments section (I’ll try my best to make sure the spam filter doesn’t catch it!)

      Blitzkrieg/Hunter is interesting… If a unit doesn’t have many bits, this ability isn’t a problem. Overall, perhaps we should add an addendum to say that this ability can’t be used on bits/funnels. It would probably be more balanced!

  25. Good to know. When we ran into the problem, we ended up going that direction since while it appears to be a technically correct application of the ability, it didn’t seem to be within the spirit of the ability to work on what are basically weapon pods (at least not when they aren’t something like the Devil Gundam’s Gundam Heads or X Gundam’s GX-Bits).

    Awesome, here’s the link for anyone interested:

    Also you wouldn’t happen to remember how many points the funnels on the Nu Gundam cost? It seems to be about 10 points per funnel, but also not sure if funnel and bits are supposed to be separate costs like carried weapons are?
    Or would you say the old scheming used for that is outdated and thus a moot question?

    On the note of limiting funnels/bits, a possible option could be limiting number of bits that can be deployed at once. Most units have either 6 or less funnels/bits, or an amount divisible by 6 (Quin Mantha and MP Quebeleys at 30, Kshatriya at 24, Quebeley Mk II at 12, and Quebeley at 10), so could limit to 6 or 12.

  26. I’d suggest that if bits / funnels are treated as ‘units’ they should be exempt from receiving any abilities or orders beyond the obvious ones that reflect their movement characteristics or onboard equipment. Being essentially drones, they can’t respond to the stimulus of a commander, nor have the flexibility of a living pilot. On the uphand, they aren’t subject to morale.

    (Have not played any games featuring bits / funnels yet, so these are merely observations.)

    Meanwhile, the 1/400 scale ground war escalates…

    Shapeways-printed bazookas! πŸ˜€

    Type 61 tanks next… I’m going to need a LOT of those…

    • Hello!

      Back in December one of our locals found your game and we love it. We’ve been building out little platoons (mine all being painted alike) and we’ve found the game needed just a bit of adjusting. We’re currently using Google Docs to keep everything aligned but we expanded on the weapons, separating things like XX calaber rifles, or making a beam lance different than a regular lance. We also added a cost per ability as some are just leaps abd bounds better than others, and some give your unit negative points.

      I do have one question though. The ‘Editable Character Sheet’ PDF doesn’t seem to be editable so i could type in my units stats and print off. Is there a program I need for them? I currently use Adobe Acrobat.

      Thanks again! I love the core system

      • I created the editable character sheet in adobe acrobat by defining editable fields in the program and it was all working on my end it seemed, however, I did so some time ago and on a mac (at the time) so it might not be working for everybody. Strange though! I’d imagined it would have been compatible! Perhaps I’ll upload a .docx version of the character sheet later for when acrobat doesn’t work.

  27. Recent game result: Three big, scary Gelgoogs taken down by two bog-standard GMs, led by a GM-C piloting Newtype (who FORGOT he’s a newtype!) and backed up by a GM Cannon. Along for the ride (but doing precious little) was the Team’s Bloodhound hover truck, plus some crazy pilot in a Core Fighter mk1 who got chaffed with improper haste.

    Morale of the story: Gelgoogs are VERY scary in close combat, and they die hard! But bouncing in and out of close combat, with scatter beams to ablate their armour and a 240mm cannon to keep their heads down works miracles. πŸ™‚

    Next up, we’re going to test some revised aircraft rules: A whole Air Company of Dopps and Dodais versus their points in Mobile Suits!

    • Hi there just found out about this system and I really love it. I’m a big fan of IBO and I’ve been writing up my sheets for the models and I though that it would be helpful to have a place to post fan made material that’s easier for people to look through.

      Would you be alright with me building a free forum for MS Skirmish, I’d create separate sections for each universe and people could change up and discuss different load outs and special rules. I’d be happy to run the forum,( I’ve done it before) or turn over controls to you, but if you’d prefer to keep posting the info to here just say the word.

  28. Nice start, Candle Moth!

    Might want to add suitable banners etc. to give the place a more Gundammy (is that a word?) feel. If you want to post specifics of dimensions and resolutions here, I’ll be happy to whip up some things you can drop in by tonight.

    – Martin

  29. Here’s a few ideas I had for the layout of the forum:

    – A subforum for “Game Rules” discussion with a stickied topic for the latest version and errata.

    – A subforum just for custom units and unit lists.

    – A subforum for “Battle Reports” which seem to be getting more popular here. (Photos and descriptions of games, etc.)

    – A subforum for general discussions (site rules stickied, introductions, etc.)

    Any other ideas?

  30. Other subfora:

    – Modelling and Painting

    – Scenery

    – Gundam Discussion (as in, of the Anime series, manga, etc)

    – Gundam Universe (aspects of the fictional settings of Gundam)

  31. I just found your rules a few days ago, will be going full bore with this game in the next month or so once I finish my 40k armies. Blown away at how easy to learn it is!

    Couple questions though, is 1,000 points a good level to play at? I only ask because I am going to be buying two factions to teach people the game with, and after the initial games (trying to get the local store to start carrying Gundam kits after I get mine and teach them) I want to kind of set a standard for leagues at the store.

    Also, if I wanted to put my models on bases, what size would you recommend and would you go with an oval or circular base?

    • 1000 points is a pretty good amount to start with, especially for a good mix of a stronger unit with a few weaker ones! For bases, I recommend getting a bunch of CDs and mounting the units to them! It works really well for me!

      • Hah, now that I found that weapons are a separate cost from from the mobile suit, I plan on building them as 1,500 point lists. Just to clarify, all weapons must be paid for correct, close combat and mounted weapons as well? If so, I was having a little bit of trouble pricing out the cannons for the Guntank Mass Production.

  32. The weapons costs are meant for making your own custom units by and large! With the premade units lists (Such as EFF and Zeon), the weapon costs are factored in to the unit’s cost as a whole and (mostly!) they are balanced when fighting against other premade units!

    Just a heads up, be sure to tweak the points costs a little for custom units as you see fit, especially when fighting them against premades! They were designed somewhat in isolation from each otner, you see and are just a rough guide!

  33. I have a question regarding the penalty from shooting a weapon beyond the maximum listed range.(Beyond 36″ from the beam rifle for example.) What is the penalty? I can’t find what the penalty is anywhere. The rules mention it and then “See below for more information) But there’s nothing else on the page that mentions it and it doesn’t mention what page it would be on. Am I just blind and/or stupid? Please help!

    • On the modifiers table on page 9 I believe you can find the answer! If the attacker’s target is beyond the equipped weapon’s maximum “Range” the defender gains +1 die towards their β€œDefend Pool.”

  34. Hello! I have a quick question reguarding defending.

    In my playtesting, anything with a 4 armor value becomes unhitable with non-penetrating weapons. Is this normal in your games? Because rolling 4 dice (or 3 if in the open) looking for 3+ is makes 1 shot weapons, like a sniper or a cannon, completely useless.

    • Yes, this is fairly routine in our games. This is because Armour 4 represents Gundarium alloy, just about the strongest armour you can have in the Gundam universe (especially in the one year war). In order to take out units with armour 4+, low calibre weapons simply will not cut it, and you will need to have units with penetrating weapons like beam rifles, bazooka, etc. If you know an opposing team will be fielding a unit with heavy armour, a cheap countermeasure is to bring a few cheaper units armed with bazooka, and keep them protected long enough to fire at it repeatedly!

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