Mobile Suit Skirmish Version 2.0 Released

Here is the latest and most up-to-date release of Mobile Suit Skirmish! Many thanks to the talented team over at our official forums: for the efforts involved! Please visit there for army lists and up-to-date units!

Core rules:

Mobile Suit Skirmish Core Rules (Printing Resolution)

Mobile Suit Skirmish Core Rules (Screen [Lower] Resolution)


Useful tools:

Mobile Suit Skirmish Play Sheets (High Resolution)

Mobile Suit Skirmish Play Sheets (Lower Resolution)

More information and useful tools will be posted here as they are added.


“Even Death May Die” Units

I’ve been painting some units for my “Even Death May Die” game recently. Here’s a look at how a bunch of my survivors turned out!


I hope they turned out well. I should really revisit that game of mine one day. It’d be neat to have photos added to it at the very least!

Guys and girls, the Facebook page for this website has just now been created! I’ll be trying to add updates and information to there as well!

The link is below:

Thank you in advance for joining! Feel free to ask questions or clarifications for rules, site content, etc., or discuss the games! See you there!

Custom Gundam terrain

If you’ve ever considered spicing up the terrain for your Gundam games, you might consider building some destroyed Mobile Suits such as these:


On the left is a destroyed Zaku II, and on the right a destroyed GM and its shield. Terrain such as these are easy to build and paint! I used two cheap old 1/144 scale original Gundam kits (These will set you back less than $4 each if you look online!) mounted on bases made of paper clay, wood glue and fine sand. The kits were then spray painted and hand painted to achieve the look. Feel free to embellish the pieces with bullet and plasma wounds (created here using a heated up metal spike to melt the plastic). For best painting results for wounds, use black paint and then drybrush dark brown, followed by silver highlighting  around the very edges.

If you would like more tips, please let me know!

Side project: WWII Desert Rats

Hello all,

As an aside I’ve been working on some more model making projects. Recently I’ve picked up some Perry Miniatures 28mm models. I plan on having a set of Desert Rats and Afrikakorps to complement each other! Perhaps I’ll consider making rules for that as well!

Here’s some images of the desert rats. Afrikakorp still to come!





You can expect an updated edition of Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish as well in the next few weeks hopefully!