Mobile Suit Skirmish Version 2.0 Released

Here is the latest and most up-to-date release of Mobile Suit Skirmish! Many thanks to the talented team over at our official forums: for the efforts involved! Please visit there for army lists and up-to-date units!

Core rules:

Mobile Suit Skirmish Core Rules (Printing Resolution)

Mobile Suit Skirmish Core Rules (Screen [Lower] Resolution)


Useful tools:

Mobile Suit Skirmish Play Sheets (High Resolution)

Mobile Suit Skirmish Play Sheets (Lower Resolution)

More information and useful tools will be posted here as they are added.


Jet Combat Wargame Proposal

Hello all! In an attempt to get my creative juices flowing, I’m proposing an idea for a new wargame.

My idea is 1/144 scale jet combat. Probably focusing on hollywood style dogfighting (so not necessarily the most realistic. Think of the “Ace Combat” series of video games or the movie “Top-Gun” as inspiration here) with fast-paced combat and gameplay mechanics akin to something the like “Star Wars: X-Wing” wargame.

As an expression of interest, could you please fill in the poll or comment section and indicate how interested you would be in such a product.

Thank you in advance!




“Even Death May Die” 1.0 Released!

My latest wargame “Even Death May Die” is out now!

Yup, version 1.0 is here!

Get it at the link below!

“Even Death May Die” 1.0

Clocking in at 33 pages and nearly 8000 words, “Even Death May Die” is a 28mm zombie themed wargame. It uses eight-sided die and features rules for user-constructed battles as well as a campaign game rule set! There are multiple factions in the game, including Survivors, Zombies, Bandits, and the Military.

So yeah, this thing here has been a labour of love for me for the past few months, so I hope you guys find it enjoyable!
I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Working on new Gundam Skirmish Module

Greetings fellow wargamers! Just thought I’d let you know I’ve decided to create and publish a number of new, smaller Expansion modules for Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish!

Currently in the works is a ruleset to allow certain huge units on the battlefield (should you have the time and patience to build them.)

This set includes units such as the Big Tray class land battleship, Gaw, Elmeth, and even fan favourite, the  Big Zam! (Yes, I’ve already finished him, don’t panic.)

On a side note: If you are interested in helping spread Gundam Skirmish by translating the rules into your native language, that would be extremely appreciated! I’m sad to say my fluency in languages other than English is limited. Volunteers would be appreciated!

Guys and girls, the Facebook page for this website has just now been created! I’ll be trying to add updates and information to there as well!

The link is below:

Thank you in advance for joining! Feel free to ask questions or clarifications for rules, site content, etc., or discuss the games! See you there!

The future of Gundam: Skirmish

Hey everyone! Thanks for the positive feedback and support! In response to suggestions on forums, etc., I am looking forward to making an update to the rules and maybe begin working on some supplementary rules, such as for Zeta Gundam! Please send me any suggestions you have for new Mobile Suits, rules and time periods you want to see represented in the game! Your feedback is important to me! For now, here are some suggestions I have gathered. Feel free to add more! Comment away!

– Change the use of a scatter dice to a D12 clock face. This is simple and easy to understand.

– Alter bazookas, etc. to deal 2 or more points integrity damage! This makes bazookas scarier but more worth the points cost!

– Alter boost mechanics: Make it so that way a unit can choose to move extra distance (boost distance! It will be greatly nerfed to compensate) during their movement phase. This is an AUTOMATIC success. Evasion and “Jump terrain” follow elements of chance, and can share the same check, which will be revised. To use these, you must not have moved extra distance (boost distance). Evasions should place units a uniform distance away (say, 2″).

– The weapon accuracy chart exists to help calculate modifiers from base accuracy values, not just consultation. For now, I think it is integral, so I’m keeping it the way it is. I should probably make modifiers simpler and easier to remember. Perhaps colour code?

– The “Range” bands will be fixed by subtracting 1 from the largest value. This gives a clearer cut off point.

– Keep target position rules. They work fine.

– Make priority roll a D20 to reduce likelihood of ties. Less frustrating.

– Phases are to be revised to allow one ‘movement’ and one ‘action’ per unit, per turn. Actions encompass firing, assaulting, setting up a sniper shot, etc.

– Revise and reformat the layout of the unit stats. Preferably dual columns, preferably in order of relevance to the rules.

– Make weapon specific rules merged with the unit sheet.