“Even Death May Die” Units

I’ve been painting some units for my “Even Death May Die” game recently. Here’s a look at how a bunch of my survivors turned out!


I hope they turned out well. I should really revisit that game of mine one day. It’d be neat to have photos added to it at the very least!


“Even Death May Die” 1.0 Released!

My latest wargame “Even Death May Die” is out now!

Yup, version 1.0 is here!

Get it at the link below!

“Even Death May Die” 1.0

Clocking in at 33 pages and nearly 8000 words, “Even Death May Die” is a 28mm zombie themed wargame. It uses eight-sided die and features rules for user-constructed battles as well as a campaign game rule set! There are multiple factions in the game, including Survivors, Zombies, Bandits, and the Military.

So yeah, this thing here has been a labour of love for me for the past few months, so I hope you guys find it enjoyable!
I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

“Even Death May Die,” update and questions.

Well, “Even Death May Die” is entering the last stages of it’s conception right now! Right now I’m working on a “Campaign Map” mode for the game! However, I’m not so sure about whether I should keep it, scrap it, or replace it with a “Random Scenario Generator” instead. The last one might actually be a good option, because it would allow me to add in a bunch of the things I wanted in the campaign, but it would be a lot easier to write.

What do you guys think?

Also, as a bonus, I made you guys a nice sample map that you might like to use if the campaign mode ever gets off the ground!

Even Death May Die Sample Map

More news soon!

Update on “Even Death May Die”

Wow guys, I had some massive surges of inspiration today for our 28mm Zombie game! The game is now about 70% done, I estimate, and had a complete rewrite not once, but twice!

The game now utilises a D8 system as a compromise between the simplicity of D6, and the range of D12. The game will also have rules for several types of factions (survivors, zombies, bandits and military.) and even a campaign game option.

I know there’s tons of competition for 28mm zombie games, but I hope you guys will be willing to give mine a shot! I aim to make it as fun and simple as possible, while keeping enough complexities to make it interesting and engaging. I think I have succeded to a good extent! (*knocks on wood*)